BRONZE INDIA MAP Pendant with Bronze Pendant & Chain first designed in Wax and then cast in Antique Bronze.

◾Measurements: Available 16" or 18". Please choose your option.

To prevent tarnish of your Bronze jewelry: Bronze is an alloy of Copper & Tin, so jewelry made of Bronze will eventually oxidize (tarnish) - you can prevent this by storing in an air-tight zip lock bag after use and thoroughly dried. A little lemon juice can be used to clean the piece and then stored in an air-tight container.

BRONZE is an alloy:  CDA #521 (92% Cu/8% Sn).

This design can be made in Gold or Platinum also.......The cost will of course depend on the type of Metal used.

* Casting is an age old method of creating a design in wax or other material and having this cast. The designs are first created in wax and then the first prototype is cast in Bronze - next this is tumbled, polished, jump ring attached and then given to be cast in either Bronze, Copper or Silver.  At this stage multiple pieces are cast at the same time(around 6 at a time).  Casting a piece involves a lot of time and patience contrary to what is commonly believed to be an easy way of mass producing an item.  The advantage is that the same design can be reproduced a limited number of times.  I have used sheet wax to draw the map and then cut the shape out.

Material: Antique Bronze. (USA)


Design by: Bijouterie Sudha
Made in Montreal, CANADA


*The color of the product may vary due to the computer monitor settings.

BRONZE INDIA MAP Pendant, 8th Anniversary, Map of India, Antique Bronze /BR1000

SKU: BR1000
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