COPPER CALLA LILY Earrings: Beautiful long earrings made with pure Copper.

Materials:        Solid Copper, Silver or Copper ear-wires. Nickel & Lead Free, Copper supplier from USA(Rio Grande)

Weight - Heavy.

Please note:  Earrings may be slightly different from the picture due to the hand-made finishing of each piece.

* I am sourcing all of my Copper supplies from RIO GRANDE, USA. CDA #110 copper; 99.9% pure. Please see link:

*COPPER will tarnish when exposed to air - a natural phenomenon. You can store the item in a zip-lock plastic bag after this has been thoroughly dried to keep the air out.
* I do not like to coat my Jewelry with any chemicals but sometimes I use Renaissance Wax (used in British Museums)when the item does not come in close contact with skin.
* Sometimes skin could turn green for some - this is due to the acids in your body re-acting with the metal. Mostly harmless and will wash away. 
* Cleaning Copper:  The jewelry that has no stones or Pearls can be safely cleaned with a little lemon juice, baking soda mixture, liquid vim or 
   as we clean copper in India using a little Tamarind paste.

Casting is an age old method of creating a design in wax or other material and having this cast. . Casting a piece involves a lot of time and patience contrary to what is commonly believed to be an easy way of mass producing an item. The advantage is that the same design can be reproduced a limited number of times. I have created the original using sheet copper and then had a mold created. The next step was to have this cast. At this stage multiple pieces are cast at the same time(around 4 at a time) The Lilies can be cast in Silver also upon request.

Design by: Bijouterie Sudha
Made in Montreal, CANADA

*The color of the product may vary due to the computer monitor settings.

COPPER CALLA LILY EARRINGS, 7th Anniversary, Valentine's Day Gift, Copper/CO1037

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