SOLID COPPER SNAKE BANGLE, 6g,  individually forged and formed. Please be careful when you are adjusting the size or if you let me know ahead your size requirements I can do this for you. 

Bijouterie Sudha's Serpentine Collection: For Snake lovers.................

p.s.  This bangle is made by hand one at a time and so there may be slight variation from the picture. Tks

COPPER will tarnish when exposed to air - a natural phenomenon. You can store the item in a zip-lock plastic bag after this has been thoroughly dried to keep the air out.
* I do not like to coat my Jewelry with any chemicals but sometimes I use Renaissance Wax (used in British Museums)when the item does not come in close contact with skin. 
* Sometimes skin could turn green for some - this is due to the acids in your body re-acting with the metal. Mostly harmless and will wash away. 
* Cleaning Copper: The jewelry that has no stones or Pearls can be safely cleaned with a little lemon juice, baking soda mixture, liquid vim or 
as we clean copper in India using a little Tamarind paste.

Design by_ Bijouterie Sudha_
Made in Montreal, CANADA

*The color of the product may vary due to the computer monitor settings.

SNAKE COPPER BANGLE, 7th Anniversary, Anniversary Gift, Heavy gauge /CO1015

SKU: CO1015
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