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                                Enamelling Workshop

Instructor:                       Sudha Janardhanam

Prerequisites:                 None

Basic Skills Needed:     None

Level:                                Beginner

Technique:                      Enamelling

Schedule:                        Please send an email for further info.                   

Duration:                         2 hrs

Cost+Materials:            Total $100 - (Course + Materials).

* Cash Only Please.  Thank you.

Location:                         41 Rue Sainte Anne,  Magasin#3

                                           Sainte Anne de Bellevue.

Email address:      

Introduction to Enamelling:  Students will learn the basics and safety when working with the Butane Torch and Enamel powders. They will learn to add the colorful Lead free Enamel powders to Copper Blanks and watch the amazing transformation.


Courses are limited to 1 student per session.

Tools: The students will be Enameling Copper using a Butane Torch. All of the tools required for Enameling, dust masks and safety glasses will be provided.


Materials:  Students will be using Pre-cut Copper Blanks or if they wish they can saw out their preferred shapes from Copper sheets, file the edges, dap them to form a gentle curve and then create their own unique pendant or ear-rings.


Course outline:   Students will learn various ways of Cleaning Copper, importance of Counter Enameling, Blending Enamel colors, then fire to reveal the color underneath. Introduction to Cloisonné. 


   * Please Note:   

                                   1. Course fees have to be paid in full before the class begins.  One-on-one classes.

         2. Course Cancellation:  Full refund if class cancelled by the student 1 week before classes are scheduled to begin.






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