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Pearl Knotting 


Instructor:                       Sudha Janardhanam

Prerequisites:                 None

Basic Skills Needed:      None

Level:                               Beginner

Technique:                      Pearl Knotting with Silk Thread.

Schedule:                        Please call for the time and date.

Duration:                        2 hrs

Cost:                                Total $80 - (Course + Materials) - excluding Pearls & Clasp.

* Cash Only Please.  Thank you.

Location:                         41 rue Sainte Anne, Magasin #3, Sainte Anne de Bellevue.


Phone No:                       514-233-6904


Materials & Tools:   Silk Thread will be provided. Please bring your Pearls or Gemstones string to be knotted and a clasp for your necklace. The tools required to knot the Pearls will be available to the students in class. Tools are available for purchase during class.


Course outline:   Students will learn to create necklaces with knots in between the Pearls or Gemstones. Max 2 students per class.


*Course Cancellation:  Full refund if class cancelled by the student 1 week before classes are scheduled to begin.





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