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Torch Enamel-2

Instructor:                       Sudha Janardhanam

Prerequisites:                 Torch Enameling-1

Basic Skills Needed:     Torch Basics. Students will be introduced to the use of a Kiln.

Level:                                Torch Enameling-2

Technique:                      Cloisonné / lEnameling

Schedule:                         Please see CALENDAR & REGISTRATION tabs.                     

Duration:                         6 hrs

Cost:                                 $ 155.00   including Materials


Location:                        Blvd. Sources. Pointe-Claire.



Courses are limited to 6 students per session.


Tools: The students will be Enameling Copper using a Butane Torch or a Kiln. All of the tools required for Enameling, dust masks and safety glasses will be provided.


Materials:  Students will be using Pre-cut Copper Blanks or if they wish they can saw out their preferred shapes from Copper sheets, file the edges, dap them to form a gentle curve and then create their own unique pendant or ear-rings.


Course outline:   Students will learn various ways of Cleaning Copper, importance of Counter Enameling, inserting the  Cloisonné wires and creating amazing designs using wet enamels.  They will be using Opaque, Transparent and Flux Enamels. The next step will be to fix the wires into the base coat following the design and later filing the compartments with various colors and firing this piece either with a torch or a kiln.


   This piece will be later sanded down and poslished and once again flash fired for a smooth surface.


*Course Cancellation:  Full refund if class cancelled by the student 3 days before they are scheduled to begin.


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